B E  A  #N O R Q A I N E R

Welcome to Norqain, a world of Swiss precision and aesthetics. Today, we embark on an adventure where we explore the history behind Norqain watches and delve into their impressive craftsmanship and design.
Norqain is a relatively new watch brand, founded in 2018 by Ben Küffer, a young and passionate entrepreneur with deep roots in the watch industry. Ben was born and raised in a family that has been involved in the watchmaking industry for generations. He was obsessed with the idea of creating his own unique watch brand that would preserve traditional values while adding its own modern identity.
With this vision, Ben began his journey to establish Norqain. He was determined to create high-quality watches that would appeal to adventurous souls and sports enthusiasts everywhere. Norqain watches quickly became known for their rugged design, durability, and impressive performance.
But Norqain was not just about creating outstanding watches; it was also a movement. Norqain wanted to create a strong connection with its customers and offer them a community where they could share their adventures and passion for watches. Hence, they introduced the “Norqainers” – a group of individuals who shared the spirit and values of Norqain and were eager to explore the world alongside their Norqain watches.
Norqain watches are meticulously crafted in Switzerland and incorporate the best of Swiss watchmaking. The brand prides itself on ensuring high quality and reliability in every watch that leaves their workshop. Their watches are equipped with automatic movements, known for their precision and durability. Norqain does not compromise on materials or craftsmanship, and they work closely with experienced watchmakers and designers to ensure that every watch is a piece of art in itself.
A distinctive feature of Norqain watches is their unique design, which combines modern aesthetics with subtle vintage details. The brand offers different collections that cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re into classic elegance or sporty refinement, Norqain has a watch to suit you.



The Adventure line is about the thrill of exploration and conquering nature’s playground – the trails, the peaks, and the tides. The ruggedness of these powerful watches prepares them for whatever nature throws your way. The distinctive NORQAIN dial pattern, the rotating bezels, and the unique sturdy construction make the NORQAIN Adventure watches equipped for a lifetime of adventurous moments. The Adventure collection has a strong character that speaks to sporty all-rounders, always on the hunt for a new challenge.
Every Norqain Adventure watch is equipped with a reliable automatic movement, ensuring precision and accuracy. These watches don’t require battery changes and are powered by your own movement. It’s a reminder that you are in control of your own adventure and time.
Being a part of the Adventure Watch Collection, you become a part of the Norqain community of adventurers. Norqain has created a dynamic network of individuals who share their passion for adventures and watches. You can discover stories, participate in exciting events, and share your own experiences with the community. It’s an opportunity to find inspiration and connection with other like-minded adventurers.


Can you feel the freedom of breaking away from daily routines, the thrill that comes with adventure, the unexplored, the unknown? Have you ever longed for a companion that can withstand tough conditions, accompany you through dense forests, atop mountain peaks, or through desert sands? It’s time to introduce the NORQAIN Wildone – your reliable horological gear for the wildest adventures.
Wildone is a luxury sports watch designed to be both durable and stylish. Its case is rugged and water-resistant, made from stainless steel, able to withstand any challenge you throw at it. The watch features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass ensuring clarity under all conditions.
The watch comes with a unique and striking green dial that emulates the wild nature. Its large, easily readable hour markers and hands are coated with luminescent material, allowing time to be read even in low light or complete darkness, perfect for night hiking or diving.
NORQAIN Wildone is not just a watch, it’s a reminder of the wild, the uncharted, and the adventure waiting just around the corner. It’s a tribute to the freedom of being outdoors, the courage to take the next step, and the pride of wearing a watch that can withstand any challenge.


NORQAIN’s Independence series is a true reflection of the brand’s independent spirit and a tribute to the creative freedom that comes with being an independent watchmaker. The Independence series stands out from NORQAIN’s other watch lines as it is not tied to a regular release cycle, allowing the brand to take creative risks and experiment with new materials and design elements.
Each model in the Independence series is unique, and design details vary from year to year, but generally, they have a rugged and sturdy look designed to handle even the most demanding challenges an adventurer might encounter. The watches feature a solid stainless steel case, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, and are waterproof to at least 100 meters, making them perfect for outdoor activities.
What truly makes the Independence series special is the brand’s dedication to creating something unique with every new release. From the choice of colors and materials to the small design details, each Independence watch is a tribute to independence, individuality, and a sense of adventure. If you’re looking for a watch that’s truly special, the NORQAIN Independence series is a good place to start.


Norqain Freedom is designed with a deep respect for traditional Swiss watchmaking while bringing a modern approach and sense of adventure. This can be seen in the details, such as the sunray dial representing the freedom that comes with discovering the unknown, and the domed sapphire crystal providing a vintage appeal.
Norqain Freedom is not just a watch, it’s a statement about individuality, adventure, and freedom. This watch is designed to accompany you on your adventures, whether it’s a trip through the city or a hike in the mountains.
Overall, Norqain Freedom is a fantastic watch for the adventurous and those who appreciate both modern design and traditional Swiss watchmaking. The latest addition to the Freedom collection continues to uphold the high standard that Norqain has set for itself, and it’s no surprise it has caught the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide.